Dan Ruscoe's Personal Site

I got into web development in the early 2000s, teaching myself HTML and CSS, then learning PHP and MySQL so I could build a rudimentary blog.

I worked for some short-lived gaming startups in Los Angeles. I later went on to make my own video game about a spooky museum. It was moderately successful among people who like that sort of thing.

I enjoy contributing to open source software. While working for a company named ThinkShout, I designed and built a PHP library for MailChimp's API.

You can find my open source work on GitHub. If you're interested in Drupal, you can find me on Drupal.org.

You can hire me to help you with all kinds of software development tasks.

When I'm not working or hacking away at open source projects, I sometimes explore unusual locations.

Open Source

OpenGL 3D Maze

A Simple 3D maze I built to learn OpenGL.

Xlib Fireworks

A little C program you can use to create your own mini firework display.

Digital Rain

A C program that loosely emulates the "digital rain" effect from The Matrix.

More on GitHub!

Linux Stuff

Old Hardware


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